Gemma Lamble Testimonial

Mum of current student Layla Lamble and CTS Ambassador

I was part of CTS from the start and featured in many performances, playing varied roles in shows all over the South West . I’ve been lucky enough to see it grow and progress and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it . Over the years I’ve taken on many roles; from pupil to teaching assistants, chaperone, head of costumes and make-up and PA to Stephanie. I’m now a mum of four who absolutely loves the arts. My oldest Layla, has been part of CTS since day one , aged 4 she sneaked on stage with the rest of the cast to give it her all and the rest is history . Being part of the CTS family has helped her confidence in so many ways, meeting new people and making lifelong friends. Now at the age of 10, she loves CTS more than ever. Once a part of the CTS family, always a part of the CTS family.

Gemma Lamble

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