CTS Performing Arts Class : £7.00 per class paid on a half or full term basis. All payment must be made on line and up front . A class is fully booked once payment is made : Once a half or full term is paid for, I’m afraid we cannot offer a refund. Most classes are close to capacity or full. The half -term payment secures a place another student could have taken. Full or half-term payment is due before the term begins. Once you have confirmed a place, you will receive an invoice.


Singing and solo exam preparation lessons are £30 . Payment must be made on line and up front. Invoices are sent the Friday before your Saturday lesson.


We do expect high attendance at CTS we’re always working towards a show, exam or festival performance. We understand students are sometimes ill or have an important event they have to attend. However it’s very hard to work on songs, scenes, etc with missing students. Please let us know if a student is absent from class. If a student disappears for a couple of weeks with no word their part may be given to someone else. My mobile number is: 07779 440752.


I group email everyone re shows and events. Please make sure we have your correct email: Email me at: cornwalltheatreschool.info@gmail.com if you’re not receiving information. However when sending group emails it seems some don’t always get through, don’t forget to check your spam . Here are other ways to keep up with information:

  1. OUR WEB-SITE, CLICK ON NEWS: www.cornwalltheatreschool.co.uk
  2. The Notice Board: We have a notice board with information re costumes, rehearsals, dates etc.
  3. Facebook: join our “Cornwall Theatre School” Facebook page: News is updated regularly.
  4. Follow me on instagram at cts_singing_coach 


We sometimes use pictures of our students for publicity .Please let us know if you have any objection to this?


All students need a CTS T-shirt and black jazz shoes to wear in class and for their exam. T-shirts can be bought or ordered on the door for £12 Students also need to be dressed in comfortable bottoms they can work in eg : Joggers, leggings, . You will need to provide costumes for our shows. We try to keep the cost down when we can, by keeping costume ideas simple and not insisting they are all the same. However there are occasionally exceptions to this rule and a catalogue costume may be needed. In this case the costume idea will be emailed to you with a link and posted on our web site and facebook page. Costume ideas and guidelines are posted on our notice board and web-site well in advance. Please take into account that costumes will need to be provided for 2 shows a year, before deciding to join our school. If we can help with costumes we do, but we don’t have the budget to costume all our shows and students. We try to keep costumes down to one or two, per student per show.


Disruptive behaviour of any kind is not tolerated at CTS.

TRINITY EXAMS CTS  is a registered center for Trinity college of London exams , we take a TrinityMusical Theatre or Performing Arts exam once a year, there is an exam fee. The fee varies depending on the size of the group or the grade being taken.

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Performing Arts Lessons

Trinity Exams
Trinity Exams

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