Are you looking for a vocal coach you can trust? 

Are you looking for ways to nurture and support your child’s passion for singing? 

Or are you a young singer yourself, desperate to improve your voice? 

Singing lessons

If so, this is the place for you

Whether you’re looking for a vocal coach who can assist in audition, exam or performance preparation or you simply wish to sing for pleasure, I have the skills to bring out my students’ confidence, full vocal potential and artistic personality. 

Acting through Song 

I specialise in musical theatre technique and performance skills. Lessons not only concentrate on improving vocals but on how to perform your song in an authentic and professional way. 

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A note from Stephanie


 As a professional  singer in musical theatre for 14 years I learned  how to keep my voice healthy , how to sing in 8 shows a week without getting vocally tired .  How to deal with  performance anxiety and its effect on the voice.  While performing in the West End I worked with the industry’s top singing teachers, vocal coaches and voice specialists. From each one,  I learnt the skills and tools that I’m passionate about sharing with my students today.

Stephanie's drama studio


One on One Singing lessons are taught via zoom every Saturday during  term time  .

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Trinity Solo Musical Theatre and Performing Arts exam Lessons

Students Oportunity

Students have the opportunity to take a solo Performing Arts or Musical Theatre exam once a year. 

Over the past 7 years we have attained amazing exam results with 100% pass rate. 

As well as songs, students prepare drama monologues,  prose and poetry for their Trinity exam . 

These exams are a must for anyone planning a career in Performing Arts . 

Students regularly feedback having Trinity qualifications on their CV  helps  when interviewing for college and university places . 

UCAS points are offered at Grade 6 and up.

Online Trinity exam preparation lessons

One on one Trinity exam preparation lessons are also taught via zoom every Saturday during term time.

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Singing lessons
Singing Lessons
Performing Arts lessons

Performing Arts Lessons

Trinity Exams
Trinity Exams

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