Emma Chamberlin Testimonial

Lead vocalist in Flowers Of Palo

Steph taught me to perform, act, and sing from the age of 6 to 13, I played many rolls in different plays and performances from bugsy malone to Robin Hood performing all over Cornwall, she taught me the fundamentals I needed to be on the stage, including my musical theatre exams which were a great help with university. I’m now a full time musician in London, and get to perform on various tours and festivals around the uk with my band Flowers Of Palo, the vocal lessons Steph taught me especially helped with keeping my voice in top condition whilst performing many shows a week, I also learnt how to be on stage a command an audience this is something that has been so useful, even though musical theatre isn’t the job I am in now it really helped to give me the tools I needed to discover my love for live music and being in a band.

Emma Chamberlin

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