Caya Murphy Testimonial

Currently studying Musical Theatre at The Brighton Academy

I went to CTS from the age of 13-18, participating in the group classes and having private singing lessons where I did the Trinity Musical Theatre grades 6, 7, 8 and the Advanced Performance certificate. When I started, I was pretty shy, it took a lot of courage for me to get myself out of my shell! Over the years, being surrounded by the supportive and encouraging environment of the group classes, it made a noticeable impact on the confidence that I have today. I learnt key ensemble skills and had the chance to have a go at many different styles of musical theatre numbers, from Carousel to Frozen! In my private singing lessons, I was able to develop even further. They helped me understand my voice and the importance of the correct technique, for example when belting or using a strong head voice, over the years I feel like my voice got stronger and I became able to sing in different styles, which is so important if you want to be in the industry. Taking the exams definitely helped me with audition preparation as I got more comfortable performing under pressure and to a single person, which is similar to how auditions work. Through CTS, I did my first ever public solo on the Hall for Cornwall stage and got the chance to perform at the Minack theatre, both of which were amazing experiences! I am so grateful for CTS, the environment and the teachers, for the performer I am today, encouraging my passion for theatre and all the skills I learned which gained me the confidence to pursue a career in performing arts.

Caya Murphy

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